Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snow Day!

I am very blessed to have an understanding boss.  When the roads are covered in snow, I typically stay home from work.  Now I can spend my snow day quilting!  But first, after spending some time on my treadmill, I headed outside with my husband and our dogs to shovel the driveway. The dogs love the snow.

Now that the dogs are tired, I am free to quilt!  I have several large quilt tops that I plan to quilt this year.  While I love my sewing machine, I have some difficulty quilting large quilts because they hang over my sewing table.  To help with my large quilt tops, I purchased two dog grooming hooks from Amazon.  

Here are the hooks set up with my sewing machine.
I suspend my quilt from the back loops.  With this setup, I am no longer fighting the weight of my large quilts.  I hope to finish quilting my tropical twist quilt today.

If you are having your own snow day, I hope you are enjoying it!

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