Friday, January 12, 2018


I can be a little obsessed when it comes to finishing things.  I will read a book until I fall asleep, or work on a jigsaw puzzle for hours at a time. When it comes to quilting, I find myself easily distracted.  When I sit down on my computer, I find new patterns, new fabric, or new techniques.  I am always tempted to start a new project instead of finishing a current one.

This week, I found myself at my veterinarian's office, with my quilting partner GG.

The office has a wonderful painting of a shaking dog.

Shakin' Off The Blues by Iris Scott

When I looked online, I found that the artist, Iris Scott, has a whole series of shaking dog paintings.  The most fascinating part is that she creates her amazing paintings by finger painting!  I love how she captures the movement of both the water and the dog in her paintings.

The Juggler by Iris Scott

My dog GG loves the water, and loves to shake when she comes out of the water.

Now I want to create a shaking dog quilt.  I can picture the water droplets appliquéd around the dog.  I don't know if this project will be a success, but it will certainly be fun to try.

For now, I will continue on my 2018 projects, and plan new projects for 2019.


  1. Those paintings are pretty nice. Could a quilt be made using a batik and adding some paint in splotches? I get distracted when it comes to quilting, too. My bucket list keeps growing!

  2. That sounds like such a fun quilt to try! You are being good, sticking to your 2018 projects. I am getting lots of work finished on mine, but also getting bombarded with new projects needed for gifts (minis, at least!) and special requests from my husband (row quilts, at least), so I'm needing to slip those in with my "supposed to do" work.