Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Classes - Folded Star Hot Pad

Summer is the perfect time to take classes from my local quilt shop.  Quilt Beginnings offers a summer class pass for unlimited summer classes.  My wonderful husband purchased the class pass for me as a birthday present.  Because I work full-time, I limited my classes to those offered in the evening or on the weekend.

My first class was Folded Star Hot Pad by Plum Easy Patterns.

Quilt Beginnings has huge classrooms, and wonderful instructors.

My amazing daughter helped me choose summer fabrics for my hot pad.  The hot pads are very easy to make.

Since I am a Buckeye, I wanted to share an Ohio State hot pad that was made in class:

The hot pads make perfect gifts, and are perfect for using my stash.  I will definitely be making more.

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